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Dear Customer

If you are not satisfied with our service, you want to report problems or provide suggestions, you can file a complaint, both in Italian and in English, regarding Bluferries' activities.

The Complaint Form can be downloaded from the company website www.bluferries.it and is also available at the ticket offices and at the ships' command bridges

Please complete the form by writing all the information requested in the spaces provided. The completed form can be delivered in one of the following ways:

  • sent by e-mail to the address reclami@pec.bluferries.it

  • sent by registered mail to the address via Calabria 1 – 98122 Messina (ME)

  • delivered at the ticket offices of Villa San Giovanni or Messina.

It is also available on the website www.bluferries.it, in the Passenger Rights - Online Claim section, the possibility of opening an online ticket for assistance and complaint.

As required by the European regulation concerning the rights of passengers traveling by sea and inland waterways (EU 1177/2010) the complaint must be:

  1. complete with all the identification data of the passenger, the journey, and the description of the service object of the complaint;

  2. transmitted within two months of the date on which the service was performed or should have been provided.


Within a month of receiving your complaint, we will inform you if this has been accepted, rejected or is still under consideration. The time required to respond definitively will not exceed two months from the receipt of your complaint.

In the event of a dispute, all customers can use the conciliation tool at the Messina Chamber of Commerce (CCIAA Messina).

After sixty days from the presentation of the complaint to Bluferries, you can contact the Transport Regulation Authority, pursuant to Regulation (EU) n. 1177/2010, relating to the rights of passengers in sea transport and inland waterways, through the specific electronic system (SiTe), available on the Authority's website, or with the form to be sent by registered mail to the address of Via Nizza n. 230, 10126 - Turin, or via e-mail to one of the following e-mail addresses:


The Customer is entitled to receive an automatic compensation commensurate with the price of the ticket referable to the transport service to an extent not less than:

  1. 10% in the event of a reply provided between the sixty-first and ninetieth day of receipt of the complaint;

  2. 20% in the event of a reply not provided within the ninetieth day of receipt of the complaint.

The aforementioned compensation is not due in cases where:

  1. the amount thereof is less than 6 euros;

  2. the complaint is not transmitted by the user with the modalities, the minimum elements and the indicated timing;

  3. the user has already received an automatic compensation in relation to a complaint concerning the same trip.

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